Marvin & Marilyn

Marilyn Stone (L) and Marvin St. Pierre (R)

About Marvin St. Pierre: As the father of three dancers, Marvin is no stranger to dance productions. His desire to be involved in their interests, peppered with appropriate coaxing from his wife, landed him the character role of Mother Ginger in the city’s Nutcraker ballet a part he portrayed for 24 years. For his day job, Marvin served in the energy sector. His biggest contribution? Making Aera Energy a premier employer and community partner -- an accomplishment he shares with 1500 colleagues. So how does Marvin approach life? Three simple rules: Seek understanding! Be abundantly inclusive! Keep learning! “Thank you to the team producing Dancing at the Stars for this opportunity, and especially to Marilyn for her patience and encouragement.”

About Marilyn Stone: Marilyn has performed and choreographed professionally since the age of 19. Locally she has worked with CSUB, BHS, Civic Dance Center, NOR Recreation and more. She has also performed in a variety of shows taking her to Japan, Malaysia, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She is in the final stages of taking over the Debonaire Dancers School of Ballroom Dance which will become Ballroom Bakersfield starting this September. Marilyn's job as Administrator for Disciples Church keeps her busy and grounded. She would like to thank all her fellow choreographers and her partner, Marvin St. Pierre, for helping to make this event so much fun! And a special thanks to the Bakersfield Racquet Club for free rehearsal space and McDuff Graphics for music edits!


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