Mission Statement

Dedicated to the enrichment of Kern County

Since 1969, the mission of Bakersfield Music Theatre has been to produce quality musical theatre and theatre education in Kern County. BMT currently lives that mission at Stars Theatre Restaurant, Stars West Comedy Theater, Stars School of Performing Arts, and the Stars Café. BMT, also know simply as Stars, is proud to serve the Kern County Community.

What we provide:
  • Quality live theatre experiences through the yearly productions of musicals at Stars Theatre Restaurant and comedies at Stars West Comedy Theater.
  • Local area school children grades K-12 with the experience of major live musical theatre productions by offering the Kids Go to Theatre program, bringing over 2,500 students to attend performances during their school day each year.
  • Instruction in theatrical arts to 260 youth ages 6-18 at the Stars School of the Performing Arts, offering summer, fall and spring workshops which culminate in public performances.